New Video: Social Media in Plain English

I love the Common Craft series. This one seems like the longest of all of them, which is understandable, given the complexity of a huge topic like “social media.” It’s a good intro, as usual. Get more Common Craft videos at their web site. You can even buy them for use at the office.

Podcasting in Plain English

I remain amazed at how misunderstood the notion of “podcasting” is. It’s been nearly 4 years since it arrived on the scene yet folks in public media remain baffled — along with the general public. Perhaps Leo Laporte was right a couple years ago when he suggested that the “pod” in podcasting be eliminated and…

Twitter in Plain English

For those of you a little confused by Twitter, everyone’s pals at Common Craft put together this intro video, another in a great series of introductory pieces on popular Internet / Web 2.0 technologies.

Required Reading: FREE!

I was chatting with the boss this week when I made a shocking suggestion. I told him that one or perhaps all of the audio (radio) programs we create today — and for which we charge hefty fees to “member” stations — be simply given away to any station that wanted it. Immediately he shot…