Healthcare, journalism, racism, obscenity and the FCC

While Americans have gained a national health care plan, something darker has been unleashed. Racism in American political life has been emboldened by the attacks on the administration allowed on certain media. Meanwhile the FCC takes refuge behind 1st Amendment rhetoric and concerns itself with “wardrobe malfunctions” rather than assaults on democracy perpetrated by so-called journalists.


Former NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin is always enlightening to follow.

Broadcast Law Blog

I’m assuming that everyone in the public media universe (especially those with FCC licenses of one kind or another) already knows about the Broadcast Law Blog published by law firm Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP.

If it’s not already in your RSS reader or list of sites to review regularly, be sure to get it in there.  The FCC, under the direction of telco-loving politico Kevin Martin, has been very busy in the last year proposing new rules on all kinds of stuff related to broadcasters.  And it’s not little niggling things — this is big stuff that will impact operating costs, reporting activities and more.

Naturally, you should consult with your own attorney before embarking on any changes or new plans, but this is sound coverage of FCC changes and how they relate to broadcasters.

Talk about required reading…