A new ad game in town

Awesome new entrant in the online advertising biz. And their debut self-promotion piece does more than promote — it actually teaches. Are you paying attention old-school advertisers? How about you public media? Do you understand how the web isn’t broadcast? There are a few at NPR that get it. What about the local stations?

2 Fox and NBC Stations to Pool Video News Gathering

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/14/business/media/14news.html Good for them. Too bad it’s still terrible local TV news. What they should do is blend in a VJ process and stop doing ambulance-chasing and I’m-standing-outside-a-building-where-something-happened-6-hours-ago “live” reports. The answer definitely lies in sharing news. News is a commodity. Content is worthless. Context and community are where new value will be found.