IMA 2008 conference audio posted

For those interested in downloading parts of last month’s Public Media 08 conference in Los Angeles, there’s a batch of audio now posted online on the IMA wiki. I’ll also post all the links in a little more organized and clean fashion here at this site, in follow-up posts.

Though I wasn’t planning on it, I ended up editing all the audio from the conference sessions as a volunteer, and yes, that’s me you hear at the start of each audio file.

One technical note… Big thanks go out to Doug Kaye and the Conversations Network team — their free Levelator program (Windows, Mac and Linux) makes batch audio processing for spoken-word events much, much easier. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “IMA 2008 conference audio posted

  1. Great work! You really owned a valuable part of the discussion lately. In addition to your participation at the conference, and to you blog posts, I had no idea you had volunteered to get all the audio online. I, for one, and most grateful.

  2. Thanks, John. I’m hoping some folks find it useful out there. I’ve already listened to some great sessions I missed at the conference. Maybe you, me and a few others could blog about the “best of IMA 2008” or something, highlighting the goodies.

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