XM + Sirius = Meh

If anyone in public media hasn’t figured it out yet, the merger of the two satellite radio providers — which just got antitrust approval by the Justice Department — is not a big deal. It was inevitable, but it shouldn’t affect your core strategies going forward.

Internet radio, in various forms, was, is and will be bigger than satellite radio. That’s where the action is — the threats and the opportunities.

If you haven’t seen the Bridge Ratings chart before (linked above), be sure to study it at least a little. The satradio providers are just bulking up in the hopes they can eliminate duplicative overhead costs and, together, get a bigger audience. After that, there’s no more “there” there than there was before. And without direct competitors, the merged company is more likely to enter into a period of strategy decay.

So good luck, guys.

UPDATE: Just found Mark Ramsey’s take on the news.