Podcasting tools guide

Dan Benjamin has updated his Podcasting Equipment Guide for 2009 and it’s a must-read for anyone wishing to do audio production work from home or office, without having to setup a complex studio.

This post, combined with the tools section at Transom, can get anyone recording with good quality for distribution online or even on air.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting tools guide

  1. John — in your view, how close are the prosumer tools to offering broadcast studio audio quality?

    1. It depends on which tools you’re talking about and what you consider to be “prosumer.” Some of the devices noted in the Hivelogic article are already used in professional public radio production (notably the Heil microphone and several of the M-Audio devices, not to mention the software tools).

      Really, once you have a good microphone and can capture it digitally at 44.1KHz or higher, you’re good to go to make professional audio. From there it’s down to your own personal abilities to record audio, which requires knowing your tools and paying attention to the recording environment.

      Each level of tool noted, as you make your way up the scale, makes for better and better audio under a greater and greater range of conditions. But if you know your tools and how to use them, you can make awesome audio with some darn cheap tools these days.

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