Do old media journalists really want to go digital sooner?

lifebeyondprintThanks to @kegill for pointing out a new report from Northwestern University on how print journalists are feeling about the transition to digital. It suggests there’s plenty of people in the old media wishing their owners / managers would move to digital models faster.

I worked with some journalists in public radio for several years. And public media managers. And while there was plenty of lip service given to new media, the truth was no one wanted to change their methods or outputs and would, when pressed, criticize new journalism work as merely partisan blogging by people with no sense of professional journalistic ethics or objectivity. Sadly, the non-movement to digital models was happening while mass media everywhere was missing story after story while the Bush administration and Fox News led them astray.

What’s been your experience? Are most broadcast and print journalists you know troubled by slow adoption of new media reporting? Or is the resistance still overwhelming?

You can download the 4MB PDF report here.