Devastation and Response

The Haiti disaster is especially sobering for those of us living in the hometown of North America’s largest recorded earthquake. We’ve got earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes up here. Plus any quake here has a 50/50 chance of striking us in the midst of sub-freezing temperatures. So yeah, we’re thinking about Haiti a lot.


There are lots of stories out there on the Haiti quake. But perhaps the most important story comes from the images, not from things like “7.0” or “200 years.” Be sure to visit The Big Picture to see the devastation and gain a sense of the tragic scale. Just a sense.


There are lots of ways to help, most involving money. Choose carefully, of course, as the scammers come out of the woodwork during these events, and some charities are barely charitable at all. For me, a specifically-directed donation to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders makes the most sense. But that’s me.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

By the way, you can help spread the word with graphics like the one above by visiting Doctors Without Borders here.