I’ve moved… to WordPress.com

This blog has moved. Here’s the short update:

  • Gravity Medium was started back in 2008 on a self-hosted copy of WordPress on a hosting provider.
  • The blog has been pretty much dead since mid-2010 and I don’t really intend to revive it, yet I don’t want to take down the content, either.
  • Keeping the content in a self-hosted solution was costing me money each month.
  • Moving to WordPress.com is my preferred solution — leave all the updates and security to the pros and drop my monthly cost to zero.
  • Meanwhile, in late April 2011, my self-hosted WordPress site — which was outdated a bit in versions — was hacked. I started to clean it up, but figured, “why bother?” and just pulled the trigger on the move to WordPress.com.

So here we are.

One important note — not all the content from the old self-hosted site is going to work perfectly here. Static images and photos moved, but a lot of embedded media (videos, audio clips) didn’t make it correctly. I’ll try to fix most of that in the coming weeks, but no promises — it’s a pain in the butt and all the posts are pretty old at this point.

If you run into a post that’s missing its media and you want to see it, just Tweet me and I’ll reconnect the media for you.