Health IT Links and Notes: 2013-01-02

Here are my favorite news and commentary links from the Health IT, community health center (CHC), nonprofit, and general IT sectors today.

Are we headed toward the over-quantified self?
Answer: No (unless you’re talking about a tiny number of folks that have mental health issues). Basically the article suggests we’re already going too far with monitoring devices everywhere. But folks: Look at adoption and usage rates before going crazy while reading the flurry of product announcements. Let’s focus on making useful and better “quantified self” tools and techniques before starting a moral panic.

Infographic: Why are ACOs Necessary?
I have a love/hate relationship with infographics. Sometimes they entertainingly put together information that you really need. Sometimes it’s just graphics to make 3 points that everyone already knew. But I’m starting to think that I might use infographics to help educate our staff. Print them out really big, post them in common spaces, and at least get people talking and thinking. In this case, there’s a PDF version available. BONUS: If you’re willing to give up your email address, you can sign up for “Eye on Infographics” to get new infographics specific to healthcare every 2 weeks.

The 20 Most Insightful Healthcare Technology Infographics of 2012
While we’re talking infographics… here’s a nice collection of them. Consider printing out some of them (big) and posting them for staff to see and discuss. Be sure to pass around “How Patients Learn in the Digital Age” to everyone.

Fire The Head of Social Media And Make These 10 Wishes Come True
For Community Health Centers, this is a non-issue — we generally don’t have “heads of social media” to fire. But we may have marketing folks that should heed the warnings and advice in this piece, not to mention CEOs. Social Media needs to move out of the marketing office and into the broader company, both in public social media and internal social media. The best of the Top 10 list: “Make blogging a core way for how the company communicates to each other and the world. You will never need a social media director if a lot of people are blogging. People who write are forced to think. That’s a good thing. It’s actually nutritious for the mind.”
[Hat Tip: Linda Lia / @EMRAnswers on Twitter]

Ten stats to show we’re entering the post PC age
Whether it’s Apple’s device or someone else’s, the market has spoken: lots of folks don’t need full-blown Windows laptops to do what they do the most: email, social media, browsing, shopping. This article has tons of links embedded. If you need to make the case to upper management that it’s time to get iPads, this is your go-to resource. The best 3 stats and facts:

  • Mobile devices make up 13% of global Internet traffic today, up from just 4% in 2010.
  • Desktop and laptop sales dropped 2.6% in 2012, but tablets were up 50%
  • More than 50% of all memory chip manufacturing today is for mobile devices, not desktops, servers, or other systems

Oh, and make your company web site work on mobile devices for cryin’ out loud.

Compliance with HIPAA policies to take on greater prominence [this] year
Might as well start out the new year thinking about HIPAA policies and your own procedures, right? I know 2013 will be a big year for me as we really dig deep into new procedures, training, and so forth. Good to be reminded that the regulations are getting tighter and forgiveness of security sins will be harder to come by as we go along.