J-Week 2008: Web Extras Toolkit

Welcome Journalism Week 2008 visitors from Anchorage, Alaska! If you’re looking for the “Web Extras Toolkit” handout from Saturday, April 19, 2008, you’ve come to the right place.

And feel free to recommend your own toolkit additions or corrections via the site comment feature.

2 thoughts on “J-Week 2008: Web Extras Toolkit

  1. Nice handout! We’re using Canon HV20s at the Daily News for video, with M-Audio 24/96s to collect audio.

    HD looks good on the HV20 but there’s no need for it on the web (frame grabs simply aren’t there yet for newspapers no matter what the Dallas Morning News says).

    So let me suggest another option, especially for reporters: the Canon G9 point-and-shoot: decent video, on-board mic for audio, and above-average picture files. Runs less than $500 and fits in your pocket (it does make you look like an over-anxious parent while working on the sidelines, however).

  2. Stephen — Thanks for the G9 recommendation. You’re in good company — that’s a popular camera with a great history. If I were getting a good camera right now that wasn’t an SLR, that would probably be it.

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