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For those of you still not using (or at least trying) Twitter, or if you’d like to learn about some resources that can make your Twittering more interesting or useful, check out this comprehensive post by digital media professor Kathy Gill (University of Washington). Good history, good explanations, great list of resources.

Plus, don’t miss the Twitter Fan Wiki for even more tweety goodness.

I’m still not a constant Twitter user myself — it kind of happens in batches for me — but it’s still a lot of fun. I’ve met people in my own area that use Twitter and maintained some interesting pseudo-connections with people very, very far away.

My experience:

  • it’s better than IM, because it’s asynchronous in nature — like e-mail
  • it beats blogging every thought that comes into your head
  • it’s highly mobile — via iPhone with web or any cell phone with SMS
  • it offers a fascinating stream-of-consciousness view of the world
  • it actually informs me about the world — it’s faster than RSS feeds, far faster than web sites and the news I capture via Twitter friends is much more relevant to me (most recent example was learning about the midwest earthquake before I heard about it anywhere else)
  • my wife won’t sign up, so I can say whatever I want! šŸ˜‰
Get that account, and I’ll see you on the Internets!

3 thoughts on “All a-Twitter

  1. I’m a new convert to Twitter. Conceptually, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me; yet rather than dismiss it, I thought I’d try it. Now I’m engaged. I find the required brevity empowering — and sometimes challenging. A tweet allows thoughts and moments during the day to be marked. Plus, I’m starting to connect with people whom I know of through blogs or podcasts, as Twitter can provide a view into the human side of a name. It’s too soon to say that it is building true community for me, but I’m hopeful.

  2. Robin has never looked once at my blog and thinks that Twitter is especially stupid – its my refuge – like the idea of the Club in the London of my youth – “just going to the club dear” Where is my cigar and brandy JP?

  3. I’ve gotten grief about using Twitter from my wife. Until I got her using it this week!

    But now I’m wondering if that was such a good idea. Short of direct messaging everyone, I can’t hide — the club now accepts women! So much for the cigars and brandy.

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