Treasure trove of mobile Internet statistics

In my recent presentation, I used lots of slides from an October presentation by a Morgan Stanley analyst on the explosive growth of mobile Internet usage — the devices, services and applications that are part of the transformation of web information and data from fixed desktop usage to always-on-in-your-pocket usage.

Since that preliminary report, Morgan Stanley has released 3 more documents in the series, all free to the public. What an amazing service from a company I’d expect to be especially guarded in handling a nicely curated and analyzed data set!

There’s a good bit of slide repetition in the set, and the printed report is largely a rehash of the slides, but each format might be useful to you in different ways.

Here’s what they offer…

  • The Mobile Internet Report Setup (PDF, 104 slides)
    This is a “condensed” version of the findings and it sets you up for looking at more detailed data.
  • The Mobile Internet Report Key Themes (PDF, 671 slides)
    This is the big kahuna — the complete set of slides that can make your head spin. Some slides are repeated quite a bit, so it’s not really 671 slides, but still… it’s a lot of info.
  • The Mobile Internet Report (PDF, 426 pages)
    This one is setup in more of a printable fashion, with a narrative up front and slides presented in a two-up fashion for many, many pages.

If you don’t have the patience to look through all this material (or even some of it), check out the six key takeaways that Morgan Stanley presents on their intro page. I don’t agree 100% with every conclusion, but it’s great thinking to consider very seriously.