Leaders are lame, Builders rule / The Builders' Manifesto

Matt Taibbi & Nick Kristof vs Tom Friedman & Maureen Dowd. Tom and MoDo are textbook examples of leaders in journalism; churning out column after column that challenge the conventional wisdom and set the agenda. Yet, that’s not nearly enough to save journalism — let alone the New York Times. Matt and Nick, in contrast, are (re)building the institution of journalism for the 21st century, by utilizing the power of the Internet to reconstruct relationships with readers, publishers, and sources.

Tons of great thinking in this new Umair Haque post. The snippet above is a mere taste — the full article explains what’s wrong with leadership today and why we need to encourage buildership to create a new and better businesses, communities and even politics.

Public media “leaders” need to give up the leadership role and take on a “buildership” role. Or find people that can do it.