What’s high in the middle and round on both ends?

Downtown Columbus

BIG NEWS. I will be leaving Alaska at the end of July. I’m headed to the Columbus, Ohio area.

I’m moving south to be closer to family, especially my parents, who live in the Toledo, Ohio area. After the move I’ll be 2.5 hours away from them by car, instead of 12 hours away by nearly-$1,000 airplane flights. Meanwhile I also have family in Louisville, the Twin Cities, western Massachusetts, and Florida. Columbus is a good location for being closer to all of them, not to mention it has a great mainstream American culture and diversified economy. I’m also sorta-kinda from there, having completed high school and graduate school in the area.

I’ve been in Alaska for over 12 years now, which is amazing, because I always thought Alaska would be something I’d try just for a couple years. But those “couple years” kept extending as I got to do some meaningful work in my career, met some great people, and learned how to live in the Land of Extremes.

I will leave in the closing days of July, driving down the Alaska Highway (a favorite experience of mine). My wife Stephanie will follow in the early fall. I’ll share more about the move, my career changes, and so forth in the days to come, both here and over on Google+.