Heading to Barrow on a C-130

Okay, this isn’t new media, but it’s too cool to not mention…

Later today I’m hopping a Coast Guard C-130 in Anchorage and flying, pretty much all day, to Barrow, Alaska and back. As part of the flight we’ll also spend some time over the Arctic Ocean, surveying the tremendous retreat of the sea ice this year (last year was a record-setter).

The Coast Guard is doing some PR with Alaskan journalists to demonstrate how they’re getting situated up north to handle the added responsibility of patrolling Earth’s newest (navigable) ocean.

I’m not officially a journalist, but I work with them, I do some of their new media, I write their headlines and, well… they’re busy this week. Suckers!

There are probably about 15 journalists going on the 9-hour roundtrip flight. They come from all media — print, video, web and audio outlets are all represented.

I’ll be sure to share some photos and maybe a little video later.

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