C-130 trip photos posted

Only took me a couple days, but photos from the C-130 trip to Barrow (August 7, 2008) are now posted on Flickr. It’s amazing just how long it takes to select, title and caption 91 photos, but it’s done.

I won’t bother you with the blow-by-blow story here. The goodies, including explanations, are over on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “C-130 trip photos posted

  1. In truth, Scott, I talked about you with Duncan, our news director, while we were on the trip. I wished you were there in my place. But this thing came up in 24 hours (for me, anyway) and I didn’t think of you until it was too late.

    If this type of trip comes up again and there’s video potential, my intent is to call you up and see if we can send you as a pseudo-reporter of ours, then we can share the video and the credit when it’s done — something like that so both parties win.

    That said, you might have been frustrated by this trip — the C-130 had very few windows (all pretty scratched up) and it was REALLY dark inside the plane. You may have dodged a really frustrating videography situation!

    Seriously, though, it’s time for us to talk about collaboration more seriously. The change has arrived.

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