My own Macworld 2009 predictions (updated)

Hey, you don’t have to be a paid pundit to play the Apple prediction game — anyone can play. Here are my own predictions for this year’s Macworld, as I tweeted them a few hours before the keynote.

Please note that, unless specifically called out in the prediction, I am not predicting any ship dates or prices, though everything will be out before September 2009.

Now updated with my results.

  • 17″ unibody MacBook Pro, sealed battery. Battery must be sealed for structural integrity of a super-thin/wide body.
    PREDICTION: People will bitch about the battery thing, but the thinness and sexiness of this model will shut most people up. And please — how many times do you really change batteries on your laptop each day? If multiple batteries are that important to you, then get the 15″ model and be done with it. Or get an outboard battery. Clearly you are an unusual case.
    RESULTS: Nailed it! Sure, they didn’t talk about structural integrity, focusing instead upon space constrictions. But I consider that close enough. And don’t take this away from me — I’ll need this win later as I lose on several more predictions!

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The New New Advertising

If you want to get your product noticed going forward, you may just have to do something bold, original and — surprise! — long-form. No 30-second TV ads here.

The gift is predictable. Even mundane. But the delivery of the message is innovative, entertaining and hilarious.

Going viral is hard. But when people have the power to banish ads from their content, it may be the only solution.

PBS Pledge, Simpsons-style

Our station in Anchorage is currently in the traditional December PBS pledge drive and now that I’ve seen the Simpsons clip below, we’re looking to hire actress Betty White to help us on the air. And we want some of those umbrellas, too.

[flashvideo filename=video/simpsons-pbs-pledge.flv /]

Celebrity “cameos” include…

  • Betty White (yes, it’s her)
  • Fred Rogers
  • Yo-Yo Ma
  • Garrison Keillor
  • the Teletubbies
  • Big Bird
  • Oscar the Grouch
  • Elmo

As the male pledge break host says, “Outstanding.”

Stand back… Wordsplosion!

Whenever my wife and I are out and about, we always either cringe or laugh at the ridiculous signs people put out in public. Especially signs for businesses, where the ostensibly make their living from not looking too stupid all the time. I mean, if you want my money, I gotta have some kind of trust in your ability to deliver your goods or services, so get that sign, menu, flyer, newsletter, web site right.

For those that experience similar spelling and punctation double-takes out there, I highly recommend the new blog Wordsplosion!

Fun stuff.

America: Your new queen has been crowned

Alaska’s governor — my governor — Sarah Palin got picked up as the Republican VP nod on Friday and it make a complete mess of my day. I didn’t have any meetings, it was the day before Labor Day weekend — I was looking to wrap some things up and take a breather, but I guess not. We pulled together a ton of coverage and such in just a few hours. Be sure to check out for all the goodies — from an Alaskan perspective, not from the beltway insiders and pundits that really don’t know anything about Palin.

Thankfully, both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were there for me, at the end of a long day, with their coverage, too. As of this writing, only Stewart’s show has been posted to — by the time you read this I suspect Colbert will be there, too.

Alaska politics: always entertaining

I know I’m way late for an update on the changes at work and how they fit into a larger strategic approach to the future, but I have an excuse! It’s the week before the Alaska Primary and we’re doing a big meet-the-candidates thing on our TV and radio stations for three nights this week and it’s sucking all the time out of my days and nights.

In the mean time, here’s a little extra treat.

In a tiny state (by population) like Alaska, the barrier to entering statewide politics is fairly low. Or at least the barrier to entering a political race is low — you still generally can’t win unless you’re at least somewhat credible. Still, in a state of less than 700,000 people total, the odds of any particular citizen winning a statewide office are pretty good — much better than most states. Of course, when the odds are good, the goods are often odd.

Case in point… Perennial candidate Daniel DeNardo, currently up for Alaska State House district 31. He appeared on our election coverage show on Tuesday night and explained to the world, well… he explained a lot of things. It’s best if I just let him talk. Enjoy!


Download Audio (MP3)

P.S. Best line from the moderator: “And how do you work on that in the legislature? They seem to be bogged down in the school budget.”

C-130 trip photos posted

Only took me a couple days, but photos from the C-130 trip to Barrow (August 7, 2008) are now posted on Flickr. It’s amazing just how long it takes to select, title and caption 91 photos, but it’s done.

I won’t bother you with the blow-by-blow story here. The goodies, including explanations, are over on Flickr.

Heading to Barrow on a C-130

Okay, this isn’t new media, but it’s too cool to not mention…

Later today I’m hopping a Coast Guard C-130 in Anchorage and flying, pretty much all day, to Barrow, Alaska and back. As part of the flight we’ll also spend some time over the Arctic Ocean, surveying the tremendous retreat of the sea ice this year (last year was a record-setter).

The Coast Guard is doing some PR with Alaskan journalists to demonstrate how they’re getting situated up north to handle the added responsibility of patrolling Earth’s newest (navigable) ocean.

I’m not officially a journalist, but I work with them, I do some of their new media, I write their headlines and, well… they’re busy this week. Suckers!

There are probably about 15 journalists going on the 9-hour roundtrip flight. They come from all media — print, video, web and audio outlets are all represented.

I’ll be sure to share some photos and maybe a little video later.